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Today JLK talks with Christian Richer, main-man from Kinnta Records, and with Jean-Sébastien Truchy, one of the founders of Los Discos Enfantasmes, who’s also playing a live performance. On If You Got Ears baby!

poster by Aliya Kahsay

The Shadow Ring – Scratches 
SFV Acid – PT Sex
RP Boo – Speakers R-4 (sounds)
Popol Vuh – Ich mache einen Spiegel- Dream part 5
Destroy All Monsters – Wahs
Cool World – Gaydream Nation

////////Los Discos Enfantasmes’ releases//////
Ben Vida & Greg Davis – Working Model 2 (excerpt)
Le Fruit Vert – Ephemerides
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Speaking Corpse (in you there is no night and no day)
Bataille Solaire – part one (of Baal Shamash et son char célestre)
Roadside Picnic – Singapore Anxiety

/// Live performance by Jean-Sébastien Truchy ////

///// Interview with Kinnta Records and Los Discos Enfantasmes ////

/////// Kinnta Records’ releases //////
Einar Jullum – og andre blues
Feel Alright – Honest Lake

///////// Interview with Kinnta Records and Los Discos Enfantasmes /////

Galaxius Mons – Aquarium Domes
Soft Mirage – Feathers on Fire 


Jandek – War Dance
Scott Walker – Epizootics!

listen here!


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Month of October 2013, If You Got Ears’ gonna be hosted by Jane L Kasowicz.
Lots of fun stuff planned. First show features weirdo out-of town labels.

poster by Aliya Kahsay

Conrad Schnitzler – Untitled (A1)
Highway X – xxxxxxx
Hafner – Proven
Crabskull – Keep The Evil Away

// info on Dub Ditch Picnic (Winnipeg) and Prairie Fire Tape (Winnipeg) //

Flesh Coffin – Skulls in Her Eyes
Worker – The Machines Know My Name

////// info on Pedu (Hamilton) ////

Thoughts on Air – Harness
CROSSS – Obsidian Song

///// info on Pleasance (Toronto) /////

New Positions – Dream Warriors/ Speed Wobble
Hobo Cubes – The Rose
Sexy Merlin – Heater

///// info on Inyrdisk (Toronto) //

Video Thrills – Dr. Pepper Party Zone
Wizard Of – Heather/The Swarm
Clinton Machine – Sun Dog
//////// (fire drill oups!) //////
Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night
Neil Young – Speakin’ Out

listen here

If You Got Sevens (Yeah, Sevens)

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2013.03.13 : James S. played a bunch of tracks with 3 minor themes: 1. Sevens (Yeah, Sevens), 2. Canadian Acoustic Guitar, 3. Richard Youngs Minimalism…

  • Sonic Youth: Stereo Sanctity
  • Annette Peacock: Seven Days
  • Camper Van Beethoven: Seven Languages
  • Else Marie Pade: Syv Cirkler (Seven Circles)
  • Patti Smith: Seven Ways of Going
  • The Soul Seven: Mr. Chicken (alternate take)
  • Drainolith: Sevens/Cuttin’ Squares
  • Bruce Cockburn: Islands In A Black Sky
  • Lenny Breau: Visions
  • Richard Youngs: Only Haligonian
  • Richard Youngs: Advent (Parts I, II, and an excerpt of III)

Hear it in the MP3 archives.

If You Got Ears: Time & Space

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Time and Space flyer

2013.02.27 : James S. played the recording of a radio piece he had originally performed live on CKUT back in 2007, involving a collage of various sounds, music, tv & movie & interview excerpts, and live metronome and timer with delay. Plus a few other things…

  • Sonic Youth: The Good & The Bad
  • Moi: Transistor
  • James Schidlowsky: Time & Space (Or: The Inexistence of Infinity), Parts 1 & 2
  • The Normal: T.V.O.D.
  • Scant Intone & Souns: Self Astral Shift

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


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:::FEATS OF FUNDRAISING October 31 Noon to 2PM::::

DONATE to support CKUT and keep IF YOU GOT EARS

and creative radio programming alive and well in Montreal

A-J~J-A present: Macabre in D
on If You Got (f)Ears
Wednesday October 31 12 – 2pm
CKUT 90.3 FM ::
As occasional hosts of If You Got Fears, A-J and J-A
are preparing an all hallows’ eve special in broad daylight.
Harmonic forces will collide when accordion meets
a 1959 Emenee Electric Golden Pipe Organ
and convoluted tales that twist and tumble off the tongue are
arranged together for your listening pleasure.
We can’t foretell if our efforts will stir you to donate to
CKUT’s Funding Drive, But it sure would make us happy,
It would be the treat to out trick or the trick to our treat,
We like making radio, we like that CKUT lets us experiment
with its big bold signal that beams out 5thousand watts of
power signal to the 200Km radius and beyond
So listen to our show on Wednesday
or listen to it after the Fact
And if you can – SUPPORT CKUT by making a
PLEDGE to the Funding drive
I myself am a monthly donor, being perpetually
broke, this is the least painful way to support the
station in a big way.


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Caitlin L. played some music…. écoutez dans les archives

Zacht Automaat / Bags Inside Bags

Tonto’s Expanding Headband / Cybernaut

Ramzi / New World for Live

The Art of Noise / Moments in love

Harmonium / Veterano

Spectrum / Lord I Don’t Know My Name

Julianna Barwick / Never Change

Grass Widow / Spock on MUNI

The Names / Nightshift

Family Fodder / Love Song

Magazine / About the Weather

The Cleaners from Venus / The Artichoke that Love Me

Grass Widow / Response to Photographs

Nico / Genghis Khan

Cleaners from Venus / Night Starvation

Revolving Paint Dream / Flowers in the Sky

Night Control / Frozen Eyes

Neo Boys / Time Keeps Time

Swell Maps / Robot Factory

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls / Animal Crazy

The Haiduks / White Fish (Reprise)

Tom Tom Club / Lorelei

Arthur Russell / Keeping Up

Anika / I go to Sleep

L’Oeuil Nu / Trance Oedipienne

Tanz der Vampire / Tanz der Vampire OST

Tom Tom Club / As Above, So Below

Wednesday August 15

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Joined in studio by Eric Fillion of the TENZIER imprint
who shared  some lesser heard sounds from vanguards of Québec’s
experimental music scene.

André-Luc Desjardins – CAPAC 7″ –  Manu Militari
Philippe Ménard  – Fylkingen Electronic Music Composition 1975 – Reel -à-Phil

Jean Marie Delavalle – Une Demi heure – Une Demi Heure
Guy Thouin – TNZR exclusive unreleased track – Rien ô Tout Line Aigr

Paul Pedersen – Carrefour: (Musique Electroacoustique) – For Margaret, Motherhood and Mendelssohn
Bernard Gagnon – Musique Electronique – Gwendolyne Descendue (TNZR 052)

Sonde – Sonde En Concert  – Sahabi Z (Music Gallery)

Jason Lescaleet – Due Process – combine xxi (we break more records)