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If You Got Ears February 10, 2010

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John Zorn – Filmworks Xii- Vocal Phase

Viviane Hole & Stephan Smulovitz – LA Belle Et la Bete – Tout Le Brise

Monoton – Blau – Teil 2

Echoes Still Singing Limbs – Echoes Still Singing Limbs – Blue Pig

Colin Stetson – New History of Warfare – And it fought to Escape

Feast of Spirits – Feast of Spirits – comprehensasaurus

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Cotton Candy Nebula – Take off

Hildegard Westerkamp – Transformations- Kitts Beach Soundwalk

Iannis Zenakis – America Electronica: Early Modulations – vintage volts – concret Ph

Alva Noto & Ryuchi Sakamoto – Ensemble Modern – Particle 1

Otomo Yoshide – Persepolis – Persepolis Remix: Otomo Yoshide

Koen HoltKamp – Field Rituals – Sky Flowers

Fly Pan Am – Fly Pan Am – Nice est en Feu

MArk Tucker – In the Sack – Attractive

Max Matthews – America Electronica: Early Modulations – vintage volts – Bicycle built for two

Swans – Soundtracks for the blind – I was a Prisoner in Your Skull

Christian Kubisch – Important Records Sampler – Homage with Minimal Distinformation

Cria Cuervos – Re:Record – Hiding under my Breath

Alexandre St-Onge – Mon Animal est Possible – La Passion de la Transparence

Wendy Carlos – Rediscovering lost Scores – The shining – A Ghost Piano

Grouper – Dragging a Dead Dear up a Hill – Dragging a Dead Dear up a Hill

Philip Glass – Solo Piano – Metamorphosis Five

Aemae – The Helical World – The Helical World

Oaxacan – Oaxacan – Track 02


UK sound archive

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While searching for ugandan music the other day I stumbled across the British Library’s all too extensive online music and recordings archive. Apparently, the archive contains some of the better known ethnomusicology collections out there. It’s also got tons of english wildlife field recordings and comparative studies of English accents and dialects! I havent dared explore it yet but for those of you of steely resolve and time on your hands here’s a link:

have fun. -philly

IYGE Feb 3rd playlist

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Heres the playlist for february 3rd’s show. I’ve included some links/information on the music I find particularly intriguing. -phil

1. Dieuleul-dieuldieul—Aby Ngana Diop

2. Nezlet Aal Baydar—Rida

3. Cyganske Vesilia—Cyganska Orchestra Stefana

4. Fireball—James Last

apparently he was voted the best bassist in Germany for three straight years

5. Einsamkeit—Die Zwei

6. Tam, Odkud Pise mi Laska—Eva

7. Wazan Samat— Group Doueh

8. Timbrh—Omar Sanda

9. Mafelo Twist—Kachamba brothers

10. Begin the Beguine—Juan Garcia Esquivel

11. Mele Pule—Kau’i Zuttermeister

12. Adeus Mari Fulo—Os Mutantes

13. Ngo Mebou Melane—Paul Pendja

14. Samba de Orfeo—Luiz Bonfa+ Tom Jobim

a song from the soundtrack to Black Orpheus

15. In Moll—Hannes Teichmann+ Markus Guentn

16. Psych City— Ohio Penitentiary

17. Wolf Cub—Burial+ Four Tet

18. Auto Dimmer—Eric Copeland

19. “The Anti Noah”—Excepter

20. The Seeker—Rahsaan Roland Kirk

21. J.A.I.P.U.R—Omar S

22. Pule— Autechre

23. Side one—Iliss Ntmazirte