IYGE Feb 3rd playlist

Heres the playlist for february 3rd’s show. I’ve included some links/information on the music I find particularly intriguing. -phil

1. Dieuleul-dieuldieul—Aby Ngana Diop

2. Nezlet Aal Baydar—Rida

3. Cyganske Vesilia—Cyganska Orchestra Stefana


4. Fireball—James Last

apparently he was voted the best bassist in Germany for three straight years

5. Einsamkeit—Die Zwei

6. Tam, Odkud Pise mi Laska—Eva

7. Wazan Samat— Group Doueh

8. Timbrh—Omar Sanda

9. Mafelo Twist—Kachamba brothers



10. Begin the Beguine—Juan Garcia Esquivel

11. Mele Pule—Kau’i Zuttermeister

12. Adeus Mari Fulo—Os Mutantes

13. Ngo Mebou Melane—Paul Pendja

14. Samba de Orfeo—Luiz Bonfa+ Tom Jobim

a song from the soundtrack to Black Orpheus

15. In Moll—Hannes Teichmann+ Markus Guentn

16. Psych City— Ohio Penitentiary

17. Wolf Cub—Burial+ Four Tet

18. Auto Dimmer—Eric Copeland

19. “The Anti Noah”—Excepter

20. The Seeker—Rahsaan Roland Kirk

21. J.A.I.P.U.R—Omar S

22. Pule— Autechre

23. Side one—Iliss Ntmazirte


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