if you got ears! playlist for March 3rd, 2010

download this show at ckut.ca, under programming and archives

The United States of America – The American Metaphysical Circus (st)

Kertukai – Teka Teka Sviesi Saulele (lithuanian 60s garage)

Tiny Tim – Stay Down Here Where You Belong (god bless tiny tim)

Devo – Midget (hardcore devo vol. one)

The Birthday Party – Kewpie Doll and Junkyard (junkyard)

Pop Group – She is Beyond Good and Evil (y)

White Lung – Therapy (va – emergency room. vancouver)

A-Frames/Climax Golden Twins – 2 Legged Dog (afcgt)

Killing Joke – $0.36 (st)

Big Black – Ergot (songs about fucking)

Stick Men with Rayguns – 1000 Lives to Die (some people deserve to suffer)

Monoshock – Leesa (walk in to the fire)

The Rats –

Pissed Jeans – Spent (king of jeans)

N. 213/James Fella (tape split. vancouver)

Ch. 3×4 – Jesus is free (christian girls like to get cut. vancouver)

Cheveu – Saint Jazz (cheveau)

New Creation – Countdown to Revolution (troubled. vancouver)

Red Krayola – Farewell To Arms (singles 1968 – 2002)

Iggy Pop – Turn Blue (lust for life)

Armand Schaubroeck – Scene 9: Dr. Leiderman, Interviews Howard Q. Sappy Who Was Sent Up For Attempt Of Suicide “Streetwalker” (a lot of people would like to see Armand Scaubroeck… dead)

The Fugs – Carpe Diem (the fugs first album)

The Holy Model Rounders – the Second Hand Watch (indian war whoop)


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