MANGO CRAZY listnin to:::

Country Teasers – Satan is Real Again – Satan is Real Again (Or: Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts)

U Can Unlearn Guitar – Tell Me Sumthin’ Tommy – No Strings

Weyes Bluhd – Ballad of the Broken Skull – Strange Chalices of Seeing

U.S. Girls – Red Ford Radio – Go Grey

Ilhan Mimaroglu – Immolation Scene

Brigitte Fontaine et Areski – L’orage est fini – Vous et Nous

Aero Sound – Ready for Take Off – Kraut! Demons! Kraut! German Psychedelic Underground 1968-1974

Black Pus – Body on the Tide – Black Pus IV: All Aboard the Magic Pus

Visitations – Untitled VIII – Visitations

Paul De Marinis – Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie – Tellus #9

Horse Boys – Excerpt #1 – Horse Boys I

Vulcan – Untitled Instrumental – Meet Your Ghost

The Shadow Ring – Watch the Water – Hold Onto ID

Bronhard/Going/Public – ID4 Congress – Over in a Big Way

Kevin Ayers – Clarence in Wonderland (slllooooow) – Shooting at the Moon

Parson Sound – One Quiet Afternoon (In the King’s Garden) – Parson Sound

Rusted Shut – Jesus Christ Inca – Rehab

Royal Trux (and The Highwaymen) – Run Shaker Life/Highwayman – Live

Retard Riot – I Love Terror – Free Matter for the Blind Vol. 3

U Can Unlearn Guitar – She Don’t Know About Art – No Strings

John Cale – Hanky Panky Nohow (Drone Mix) – Paris 1919


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