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If You Got Ears April 7th

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1. Reakt 1 – Merzbow/Nordvargr

2. Red Queen – Coil

3. A Giant Alien Force More Violent And Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine – Venetian Snares

4. Attalal – Download

5. Melt – Skinny Puppy

6. Spring Into Action – Test Dept.

7. Very Friendly – Throbbing Gristle

8. Anna Mae Wong – Sightings

9. Then Backward Into Oblivion – Iszoloscope


March 31st

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bringing in the summer with some sinister jams:

1. Green Hornet “The Corpse that Wasn’t There!” by Al Hodge mixed with SOUND EFFECTS vol 1

2. Heavy Angel by Terrestrial tones with SOUND EFFECTS vol 1 to boot

3. Aftypiclipse side A by NNCK questionable accompaniment by SOUND EFFECTS vol 1 (I just can’t remember)

4. Prison Tape by Charles Manson

5. The Sacred Fox by Alvin Lucier (as performed by Matthias Kaul)

6. Tales (8 whisps) by Cecil Taylor

7. Varja Mantra by Allen Ginsburg (Dial-a-Poem)

8. Salty Dog by The Allen Brothers

9. Bow Wow Blues by The Allen Brothers

10. Green Automobile by Allen Ginsburg (Dial-a-Poem)

11. Jumping Jack by Bobby Christian

12. Welcome the Year by Allen Ginsburg (Dial-a-Poem)

13. Dance Dance by Tiao Ba Tiao Ba

14. Historical Implications of Turnips by bp Nichol

15. South Seas Beach House by Bobby Christian

16. Cheat ‘Em by The Allen Brothers

17. Sort of by Joe D’Agostino

18. Ode Auf N by Ernst Jandl

19. The Sound Pool part A by Musica Elettronica Viva

20. Is Anybody Home by Laurie Anderson

21. ATVO-II by Roberts Ghirardo

22. Dawn Patrol by Excepter

23. Video Distinctions by Kjell Bjoreenger

24. Holland Tunnel Dive by impLOG

25. Mushroom Haiku by John Cage

26. Boogey Wobble by Paul McCartney