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If You Got Ears – Playlist for July 21, 2010

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Your convivial cohost

So I’ve been calling this program “If you’ve got ears”, which apparently isn’t correct. It only took me a couple years to figure out.

Blaerg – Shower Scene (Carbon, Mirex 2004)

A nice breakcore chop-up of Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack to Psycho, although not actually the shower scene, this is the opening title music. Completely gratuitous pound on the synth at the end, though.

Ikue Mori – Redeye Skimmer / Master of Deception / Walking Sticks / Luciol (Class Insecta, Tzadik 2009)

Labrosse / Mori / Tetreault – Ad ventum capere grandes machinae (île bizarre, Ambiances Magnétiques 1998)

DNA – New Fast (DNA, Avant 1993)

All stuff from Ikue Mori… big enough to play the Jazz Fest, but not quite big enough to actually get mentioned beforehand… what the hell. Drum machine innovator, computer noodler, arhythmic drummer. I don’t know why she’s not better known. Too weird I guess; I saw her buying a bag of chips once, that alone was thrilling for me.

The Clash – Walk Evil Talk (Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, the original long-ish demo for Combat Rock, 1981?)

Surprising drums and piano dub piece from The Clash. No idea who’s playing piano, this is essentially a Topper Headon piece, still obviously on his game despite a smack addiction that got him kicked out of the band soon after.

Nam June Paik – Prepared Piano for Merce Cunningham (Works 1958.1979, Subrosa 2001)

Annie Gosfield – The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory Part II (Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires, Tzadik 1998)

I meant to have a conversation with my cohost about this track, one of the best weird piano tracks since Conlon Nancarrow went into exile, and about how bad I felt when I told people to go see her first show at Victo…. yikes… not good. Second show was better. My cohost took a nap instead.

Jean René – Fammi / Coupant (Fammi, & Records, 2010)

Great stuff from viola player Jean René, the secret weapon in Michel F Coté’s “Mecha Fixes Clock” project, among other things.

Lukas Ligeti – Stories of the unknown (Afrikan Machinery, Tzadik 2008)

Another Tzadik disc? Sheesh.

David Lang – Men (excerpt) (Elevated, Cantaloupe 2005)

Depressing totalism to finish.

See you next time….