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IF You Got Ears August 25, 2010

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Aural Treasures from travels to Maine and Massachussets


Thundering Rainstorm: Nature’s relaxing Sounds Enhanced with Music
Johann Gottleib – Music For Glass Harmonica – Quartet for Glass Harmonica, Flute, Viola and Cello
AJCore – Liver Fall Tape Recoded More

Dead Western – Suckle at the supple Teats of time – So Many Signs
Manners – White Wool Fog or the Cave of Light Within -The Circle
Manners – White Wool Fog or the Cave of Light Within – Night Before
Cruudeuces – Pinned Embouchure: Music for Prepared Bugle & Tape – Four
id m theft able+ jay z – A dull Light Spigot to Frown on O’clocks- Wiggling a Finger at the telling of Niggaz
Loup Garou – Loup Garou 3″ cd
Audrey Chen + id m theft able – tour cd(r) – track 4(live at Strange Maine)
Crank Sturgeon – Promontory

Crank’s cranky promontory walk is mixed with:
Killick – Stasis when Peace Supplants War – You Would Sting
John williams ( Electric Moog Orchestra) – Music From Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind – Resolution and End Title
– Space symphony
– Nocturnal Pursuit