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IYGEARS September 15

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Last minute fill-in lead to a bit of a stale IYGE – in terms of not too much change over as the weekly meeting of station’s collective management took place in the studio …

P.O.W.E.R. -Cowboy loves – Cowboy (le son -666)

Bernardino Femminielli – LA Montana del Capricornio 1 (hobo cult)

Andrea-Jane Cornell –  1981 private telephone winding god!- uwind (self Released)

Pradada – Phantasy Visions – Lay Down Your Heads (Hobo Cult)

Pradada – Phantasy Visions – wowo girl (Hobo Cult)

Pradada – Phantasy Visions – Moonshine Skulls (Hobo Cult)

Pradada – Phantasy Visions – Dead End of Existence (Hobo Cult)

The Pink Noise – Birdland – New Feelings (Sacred Bones)

The Pink Noise – Birdland – Modern Colours (Sacred Bones)

The Pink Noise – Birdland – Pure Candy (Sacred Bones)

The Pink Noise – Birdland – Treasure of the arabian nights (Sacred Bones)

Aids Wolf – Very Friendly(Emeralds REmix) – Very Friendly 12″  (Love Pump)

Aids Wolf – March to the Sea – Wet Winds

Alexandre St onge – entites – vomissements et merveilles (orale)

Le Revelateur –  Motion Flares – LE Bleu des origines (root strata)