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IYGEARS January 26 Playlist

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UPDATE :: January 29th :: Just updated the link, I’d accidentally linked to the lastest edition of Night Train, an amazing late-night show on CKUT.  Fixed now!

LINK TO ARCHIVED SHOW, 128kbps :: If You Got Ears, January 26 2011

one hour | viva l’american death ray music | behold! a pale horse

i wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas | andre williams | silky

yes, your highness | sunburned hand of the man | headdress

is there no one in your world but you? | charles manson | manson family jams

abatatchin hoy | alemu aga | lade back low

you fucking people make me sick | swans | my father will guide me up a rope to the sky

zeichnungen des patienten o.t. | einstürzende neubauten | zeichnungen des patienten o.t.

wwhirlpool, wwindow liight nightt | mudboy | hungry ghosts! these songs are doors

movement the first | bobby beausoleil | lucifer rising ost

wheels over indian trails | thick pigeon | too crazy cowboys

the contract | the enter | young blood comp

rocks and caves | martin human | upside down and backwards 7″

waiting for the house | homostupids | brutal birthday ep

dear diary | the need | the need is dead

skull death dive | bury my heart | crows of the world vol. 2

highway in the deathlight | caethua | the long afternoon of the earth

theme and variations | moondog | the viking of sixth avenue

waiting is… | big blood | dark country magic

trust us | captain beefheart and his magic band | strictly personal

espaco-with space | jerry rayson | the weird thing in town

you showed me | the turtles | battle of the bands

die folterkammer des dr. sex | vampires of dartmoore | dracula’s music cabinet

i love my little rooster | almeda riddle | wolf folklore collection

into the air | 16 bitch pile-up | bury me deep

proud flesh | harrius | enter the cotton ring

sinking ship | thundrah | the city swallows the sparrow

saeta: pilatos por no dejar | la nina de los peines | string of pearls

sign of a judgement | the spirit of memphis | happy in the service of the lord

jewel of the east | daniel higgs | say god

nobody knows | pastor t.l. barrett and the youth for christ choir | like a ship (without a sail) OUT OF TIME!



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See Birds – Balam Acab

12 – Daytime Television

Narcocorrido – Southern Nights

General Confessional – The Electric Prunes

Legend of Zanadu – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich, & Tich

Venus – Television

Roedelius – Gewiss

Radd Pitt – Cults

Dreamcast – Mickey Mickey Rourke

It’s Only Love/Sove Gott Rose Marie – Tonstartssbandht

Sex Planet – R. Kelly

Sun Araw – Deep Cover

Young & Fine – Dream Boat

Dark Future – Walsh

Pilot – Under Byen

Try A Little Harder – The Rolling Stones

Thinking – The Meters

The 15th – Wire

Crazy Rhythms – The Feelies

Here Comes the Night – The Beach Boys

On The Boardwalk – Ducktails

Disco Africa – The Ofytanaa Show Band

TVC15 – David Bowie

Ar Goll – Sidan

Tour De France – Kraftwerk

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Sup sup kiddos heres a list of my jams for the 12th of January:::

Halftone Dots Tomoko Sauvage + Gilles Aubry Apam Napat

Radios et Announcers: Stalker     DJ/Rupture Uproot

Seabird     Black Dice Beaches + Canyons

Crickets on Parade     Bobby Christian

December 1952     Earle Brown Folio and Four Systems

New York is Killing Me     Gil Scott Heron I’m New Here

Frying Pan     Captain Beefheart

Hudey     Cern Karaca + Apa Pir

Suzy Murder Wrist     Captain Beefheart

Im so Green     Can Ege Bamyasi

Tinariwen     Denna Bay Music From Saharan Cell Phones

Purple Love     Silkie Purple Love

No More Misty Night     David Garland Tellus #2

One More Night     Can Ege Bamyasi

I’m New Here     Gil Scott Heron I’m New Here

Shangri-La     Dirty Beaches Dirty Beaches

Old Synth     Tuareg Music From Saharan Cell Phones

Yakar Inceden Inceden     Edip Akbayram Turkish Psychadelica

Paper Girl     Lucky Dragons

Revelry     Diane Cluck Monarcana

Ich Mache Einen Spiegel     Popol Vuh Affenstunde

P7     Phosphur Phosphor II

Free Spirits     Steve Reid+Les Walker