IYGEARS January 26 Playlist

UPDATE :: January 29th :: Just updated the link, I’d accidentally linked to the lastest edition of Night Train, an amazing late-night show on CKUT.  Fixed now!

LINK TO ARCHIVED SHOW, 128kbps :: If You Got Ears, January 26 2011

one hour | viva l’american death ray music | behold! a pale horse

i wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas | andre williams | silky

yes, your highness | sunburned hand of the man | headdress

is there no one in your world but you? | charles manson | manson family jams

abatatchin hoy | alemu aga | lade back low

you fucking people make me sick | swans | my father will guide me up a rope to the sky

zeichnungen des patienten o.t. | einstürzende neubauten | zeichnungen des patienten o.t.

wwhirlpool, wwindow liight nightt | mudboy | hungry ghosts! these songs are doors

movement the first | bobby beausoleil | lucifer rising ost

wheels over indian trails | thick pigeon | too crazy cowboys

the contract | the enter | young blood comp

rocks and caves | martin human | upside down and backwards 7″

waiting for the house | homostupids | brutal birthday ep

dear diary | the need | the need is dead

skull death dive | bury my heart | crows of the world vol. 2

highway in the deathlight | caethua | the long afternoon of the earth

theme and variations | moondog | the viking of sixth avenue

waiting is… | big blood | dark country magic

trust us | captain beefheart and his magic band | strictly personal

espaco-with space | jerry rayson | the weird thing in town

you showed me | the turtles | battle of the bands

die folterkammer des dr. sex | vampires of dartmoore | dracula’s music cabinet

i love my little rooster | almeda riddle | wolf folklore collection

into the air | 16 bitch pile-up | bury me deep

proud flesh | harrius | enter the cotton ring

sinking ship | thundrah | the city swallows the sparrow

saeta: pilatos por no dejar | la nina de los peines | string of pearls

sign of a judgement | the spirit of memphis | happy in the service of the lord

jewel of the east | daniel higgs | say god

nobody knows | pastor t.l. barrett and the youth for christ choir | like a ship (without a sail) OUT OF TIME!


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