If You Got Ears Hosted by the Kizsz Feb Two, 2011

Its like this:

Bad Cassettes – Bad Master – Midtown

Regression – End of the Day – untitled

Moebius and Beerbohm – Strange Music – White House

Tod Dockstader – Organized Sound – Drone

Velvet Underground – Live at the Hillside Festival – Waiting for My Man

Ultimate Spinach – s/t – (the Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess

Steeleye Span – Parcel of Rogues – Cam Ye O’er Frae France

Iva Bittová  – Dunaj – Kasa

Severed Heads – Come visit the Big Bigot – F.M. Stations Blow Up

Prince and the Revolution – Parade – Life Can Be So Nice

Man Made Hill – Puzzle Answers – ? CC

Mayor Daley – Facial Expressions – Facial Expressions

Puffy Aereolas – In the Army 1981 – Puking in Piss

Tiger Hatchery – 7″ – untitled

Imaginary Softwoods – s/t – untitled

Conspiracy of Familiar Objects – s/t – untitled CC


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