creep on creeping on

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first show, satistfied + headache

good morning sunsine/colleen/everyone alive wants answers
lammicken/braids/native speaker
more mess/zelienople/stone academy
diamond day/vashti bunyan/another diamond day
some things just stick in your mind/vashti bunyan/some things just stick in your mind
mt. kuro/memory screen/memory screen
with grace/cradling/wild runner
judges/colin stetson/new history of warfare vol II
della be della/jay crocker/co-stars
vot dig for kloppervok/the books/lost and safe
boutique neighbourhoods/actual water/double negatives
shake the devil out/JKL/cold city country
SPQR/this heat/deceit
5 30/dna/new york noise: dance
i’ll read you a story/colleen/the golden morning breaks
one take 3, 33/markus floats
god bless our dead marines/a silver mt zion/horses in the sky
cutup piano + xylophone/fridge/happiness
viernes/swimmer’s ear
木[↑]6列車 (i copied and pasted that, but track 10 ok)/ooioo/gold & green
please be careful in new orleans/entrance/wandering stranger
plaster dog/zelienople/stone academy
desolation that is inexorable/hakobune/year long thought
strange overtones/brian eno&david byrne/everything that happens will happen today


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