spacecrafting on may 4 2011

as always, you can find the show archive on the website (click here for a direct link to the show archive)

joe and i are going to save this show and listen to it later and maybe give it to our relatives for christmas cuz it was that good. somewhere in the show is mr. scooter but i’m going to pretend that didn’t happen

may 5 1961 first american in space


mobieus & plank / rastakraut pasta / rastakraut pasta

the attack / neville thumbcatch / anthology

gedo / gedo / gedo

DNA / you & you / DNA on DNA

blues magoo / tobacco road / nuggets

morgan greenwood / snowing slow / prime rib beats vol. 4

mountains / thousand square / air museum

can / oh yeah / tago mago

emeralds / diotima / emeralds

the ventures / out of limits / the ventures in space

its only life / the feelies / only life

paix / catherine ribeiro + alpes / paix

the beach boys / passing by / friends

panbers / haai / those shaking shocking days

schoolhouse rock / introduction / scooter computer & mr. chips

i, cactus / chartreuse cactus / i, cactus

devo / the day my baby gave me a surprize / duty now for the future

rolling stones / some things just stick in your mind / metamorphosis

happy end / shin / city

sidan / ar goll / welsh rare beat vol II

captain beefheart / zig zag wanderer / safe as milk

harry nilsson / me + my arrow / the point

champagne diamond / scatter & yearn / champagne diamond|the brilliant light

morgan greenwood / fur unison / prime rib beats vol 4

kraftwerk / metal on metal / trans-europe express

liquid liquid / optimo / new york noise

the time/ ice cream castles / ice cream castle

lots of love,
joe & kerry


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