F You Godard – May 18th – 2011

<Artist> – <Track> – <Album>

Nick Glider – Hot Child In The City

Blind Date – Run for your life

Grand Trine – <Track 1> -Side A – Sunglasses EP

Drainolith – Peshewar 1986 – Organ Zone

Andrew Chalk – Over The Edges

John Maus – Real Bad Job

Maria Minerva – Tallinn at Dawn

Lamborghini Crystal 1992 Cool Runnings – Side A – Grippers Nothers Oneseres Live at Slimer Beach

Hans Joachim Roedelius – Alle Jahre Wieder – Sebstportrait II

Sleep Chamber – Drone – Live inTexas 1990

[Big head] – So Weit So Gut – Synthesist

Thomas Fehlmann – Titan – [Some compilation]

Maria Mineva – Sad Serenade – Tallinn at Dawn

No Kids – He’ll Have To Go – CiTR Compilation [soundtrack to Starbucks endorsed Top Gun landing sequence, where Maverick is killed off and replaced by “Starbuck”]

Games – Midi[sic] Drift – That we play [tribute to Starbucks endorsed landing sequence]

[white males] – Deerfield Village –  Suburban [Ennui]

Robert Ashley – O Mesopotamia – Concrete

Cleona Falcon – Prends Donc Courage – I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore 1927 -1948

Maria Minerva – New Life – Tallinn at Dawn

Mandelbrot & Skyy – Sirocco – OD-Axis

Hans Joachim Roedelius – Geschenk des Augenblicks – Geschenk des Augenblicks

Peaking Lights – Synthy – 936

Martin Tetreault & Kid Koala – Phon-o-victo – Drum-o-scope

Andrew Chalk – Over The Edges (Part 3) – Over The Edges


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