June 29, 2011: Film music by Howard Shore

The Brood: The shape of rage

Videodrome: Welcome to Videodrome/ 801 A/B

Scanners: Main title/Vale captured/Ephemerol/The Ripe Program/The injection/Dirge for the assassins/Vale’s lonely walk/the dart/scanner duel

See “Scanner Duel” on YouTube/obligatory Scanners exploding head scene

Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers: Helm’s Deep

Naked Lunch: Naked Lunch/Hauser and O’Brien/bugpowder/Mugwumps/Centipede/The black meat/Simpatico/Misterioso/Fadela’s Coven/Interzone suite

Crash: Where’s the car?/Sexual Logic/Road research laboratory/Mansfield crash/Chromium bower

Saturday Night Live: waltz in A (SNL closing theme)


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