JULY 27th 2011 Episode




Rodger Stella — “Side B” / Foucault Zombie LP
*Vile Intent — “Masquerade” / Shadow of the Skull 7″
*Pop. 1280 — “The Grid” / The Grid 12″
*Hot Guts — “Da’rat Hessla” / Hot Guts/Pop. 1280 split 7″
*Sex Church — “Paralyze” (song gets cut off)

TALK SPOT about Cheveu show at Pop Montreal on Sept 24th

*Cheveu — “Like A Deer In The Headlights” / 1000 LP
Black Orphan — “Fridays” / Transmission 7″
*Purling Hiss — “City Wide Special” / Lounge Lizards LP
Blues Control — “Good Morning” / Local Flavor LP
Sword Heaven — “Town Hag” / Entrance LP
*Rape Faction — “Kids on Dilaudid” / Gone Forever LP

TALK SPOT about the Red Mass / Ultrathin / Rape Faction show on July 30th at Bar Dakota

Red Mass — “Blackeye” / 12 EP on Floridas Dying
*Human Eye — “Impregnate the Martian Queen” / It Came From The Sky LP
*TV Ghost —  “Sleep Composite” / Mass Dream LP
*Horrid Red — “Lung Death” / Empty Lungs LP
Ami Dang — “Treasure” / Hukam LP
*Yamantaka//Sonic Titan — “Reverse Crystal”/ forthcoming YT//ST LP
*Yamantaka//Sonic Titan — “Murder of a Spidger”

TALK SPOT about the forthcoming Yamantaka//Sonic Titan LP and Drainolith 7″ on Psychic Handshake Recordings and the Psychic Handshake showcase at Pop Montreal.

*Yamantaka//Sonic Titan — “Hoshi Neko”
*Drainolith — “Deep Water No Cars”

* U.S. Girls — “Pamela + G.G.” / U.S. Girls/Slim Twig split 12″
*Terror Bird — “We Were Monsters” / Terror Bird LP on Night People
*Crystal Stilts — “Shake The Shakles” / Shake The Shakles 7″
The Anals — “She’s The Man” / The Anals LP
*The Feeling of Love — “Empty Trash Bag” / Dissolve Me LP

TALK SPOT goodbyes

*Sex Church —  “209” / HoZac Records Fanclub 7″
*U.V. Race — “Lost My Way” / Homo LP


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