Ghedalia Tazartes/ Repas Froid

Chandeliers/ Candy Apple

Com Truise/ Hyperlips id #3

Long Long Long/ there are tape machines down there+++

Little Dragon/ ritual union+++

DDMMYY/ Jackpot+++

Unguzuguzu/ Caress$

Chancha vi Circuito/ Tremor

James Blake/ To Care (like you)

Batido/ Tribalismo

Owiny Sigma/ Margaret Okudo-Dub

John Fahey/ We will be building

Snailhouse/ Valley of Tears+++

Snailhouse/ I never woke up+++

Rene Hell/ Cello Suite no 3

Sanso Xtro/ the origin of birds

Leatherette/ bruise

RAS G/ beyond the sky

Mad Lib/ So beautiful, dues paid

Peaking Lights/ all the sun that shines

Forest Swords/ the light

Hype Williams/ blue dream

Bjorn Torsque/ Vergen Wolfenstein

How to Dress Well/ ready for the World (Laurel Halo remix)

Maria Minerva/ new life

Woebot/ # SATTC

DJ PM/ ultimo Greco

Nicholas Javr/ Space is only noise that you can see



2 Responses to “AUG TWO-FOUR”

  1. Listening to your show right now from LA. I used to be a DJ and played similar (tho inferior it seems) music as you do 20 yrs ago. I heard a station ID that I might have used and it scared/thrilled me. Anyway, thanks for the music. I will have it on each week.

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