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The live set will be available on the CKUT Free Music Archive page soon!

Moebius & Plank – News

Shakers – Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils)

The Kinks – Holiday In Waikiki

Kraftwerk – Köln II

Neil Young – Mr. Soul (Trans Version)

Amon Düül II – Between The Eyes

Creeedence Clearwater Revival – Porterville

Soft Machine – Facelift

Leadbelly – Pick A Bale Of Cotton

Jimi Hendrix – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

Sonny Sharrock – Blind Willie


The Byrds – Have You Seen Her Face

Blue Cheer – The Hunter

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Midnight Special (Live)

? – ?

Bobby McFerrin – Bang Zoom!


IF YOU GOT EARS September 14, 2011

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Michael Hurley - Hi-Fi Uptown Snock - Rat Face
Michael Hurley - Hi-Fi Uptown Snock - Twilight Zone
Ed Askew - ESP Disk - Mr Dream
Elizabeth Cotten-Freight Train and other North Carolina Folk Songs-
oh Babe it ain't no lie
Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun/ Night Drive - Golden Desert Sun
Coin Gutter - Unearthed from Airwaves - A little night
Gmackrr - Single cut Private Performance - Private Performance 7
Lionel Marchetti - Une Saison - Dan le Montagne
Scanner+ David Rothenberg - you can't get there from here-where do 
you run to
Id M Theft Able - Alice the camel - alice the camel
The Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat - Mr Green JEans
The Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat -we can Shoot you
The Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat -If we'd all been living in 
The Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat -The air
The Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat -Project X
Kawabata Makoto & michishita Shinsuke - maru mankaku shikaku - Rock of 
Akira OST - Akira OST - Dolls Polyphony
Acid Mothers Temple - Dark side of the Black moon - Space LAbirinth
Portal 2 - Portal 2 OST - Light Bridge
Man MAde Hill - a Lack Worth Having - Tape Hash

IF you Got ears September Sept

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Missed the show? – Download it here

Started todays show off skrewing around with "the Greatest Advance in 
Sound" test vinyl and  ckut's live stream. When you go to ckut's website 
and go and press play on the listen page and then bring the computer's 
channel up on the mixing console,  you create this delay/loop effect. 
There can be anything from 8seconds to a minute delay between what you 
are doing in the studio, and when it comes over the internet. It makes 
a really great effect on the sound, and it's an infinity loop.
LAter on in the programme i discovered the advantages of tape delay....
Command Stereo LP - The Greatest Advance in Sound - take 1

Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit - The Crying Lot of 1969 - (Monotype)
 Chapter 1: The Table,
 The Stone Chapter 2: Modern Trends in Modernity
 Chapter 3: In My Curiosity 
Chapter 4: Change in Total 
Chapter 5: What Eros Is 
Chapter 6: The Right Eye Cast 
Victor Herbert Orchestra - 1911: Dream Medley Edison Cylinder- (FMA) 
Son OF Earth - Improvements - Gone To Float (Amish: Required Wreckers) 
Command Stereo LP - The Greatest Advance in Sound - take 2 
Roedelius - Wasser im Wind - Wasser Im Wind (Bureau B re-issue) 
Alexandre David Gabriel - Le Train Est Parti (FMA
Erin Sexton - Horizon - Untitled (Les Encodages de L'oubli
Sunken Skulls and Waupoos - Live at casa del popolo
Reverend Charlie Jackson - You Got to Move: Live Recordings, Vol. 1 -  (Aum Fidelity/Case Quarter)