If You Got Ears October 26

It’s the frackin’ funding drive
Please DONATE!!! and help keep this sonic ship sailing the high seas of the ether
Kicked off the show with a mix up of some environments by
Syntonic Research Inc intonation / summer cornfield/ultimate heart beat+
A tapestry of British Bird Song.

Orchestre et litophones kabye – Kpalandao Yurijao et accompagnateur – Lithophone Pinchanchalassi (Collection ocora radio france)

AElab – Sparks – s1 (oral)
Leyla Majeri + Brooke C – Jan Jams Cassette – Side A
Andrea-Jane Cornell – Basin Basin (Vague Terrain)

Artist unknown – laos: lam saravane khen – Khangdeuk(chant de Minuit)Nouthong Phimvilayphone – (Collection ocora radio france)

Wang Changcun – The mountain swallowing sadness – King of image 1995 (sub rosa)

The parasites of the western world – s/t – Accessories (de stijl/criminal records)

Phantom payn days – pahntom payn dazes – afternoon non-happenings no. 2 (de stijl)

Drainolith – s/t – you paid for it (Psychic HAndshake)

Aids Wolf – MA vie Banale Avant-Garde – Pop a Candy (Love Pump United)

Arnold Dreyblatt & ORchestra of Excited Strings – Propellers in Love (hathut)

SWCK -Unicorn Chasers – A Plane in the Clouds (Atavistic)

Chimurenga electroacoustic ensemble – s/t – part 1 (panospria)


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