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IF YOU GOT RADIO: December 21 2011

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Eric Vondy Ghosts Summer San Diego Beach Ocean

Deux Heures d’improvisation en suivant les ondulations radiophonique des entre-deux

Radios, Balloons, dead end telephone signal, vocal emanations, accordion, live streaming as a processor

accumulative accretions

Emilie Mouchous Andrea-Jane Cornell using the studio as a creative zone for exploratory sonics

GEt it in your ears while you can HERE


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katie and kerry feel like this. shot by patrick jeffords

with kt and kerry
kt has been a long time friend of kerry’s.
we relaxed and listened to:

xerox phaser acat 1 – alva noto – xerox vol.2

first aspect of the same thing – durutti column

magnesium – ilkae – light industry

93 till infinity – souls of mischief – 93 till infinity

212 – azaela banks

seamonkey – moderat – moderat

pablo picasso – johnathan richman and the modern lovers – 23 songs

forest gospel – animal collective – hollinndagain

the fish needs a bike – blurt – let there be blurt

looking lapsed – taking trips – each other

smokey taboo – cocorosie – grey oceans

pimeankarkelo – paavoharju

gomul visa um vori – kria brekkan – wildering 7″

koi – morgan greenwood – winter (free bandcamp download)

psycrow – black mold – dr snouth’s hand

wash out/take steps – memory screen – ep

new england – billy bragg – life’s a riot with spy vs spy

tone bone kone – arthur russell – world of echo

torn green velvet eyes – magnetic fields – holiday

warn u – ayshay – warn u ep

turbulent – shirin neshat – click for video

dirty half – david byrne – lead us not into temptation

peek a boo – siouxsie and the banshees – the best of …

crystalfilm – little dragon – ritual union


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A Very special If You got Ears This week
dilligently prepared by Leyla M focusing on the
alchemical world of plants and herbalism toute
en mélangeant musique, field recording, et des enregistrement de discours et témoignages de naturalistes……

voix de Juliette de Bairacli Levy
crude hill Blue Pill
édouard larocque
“the 4 doctors or 4 Angels” chant amérindien qui provient d’une K7 trouvée
voix de ducan and laurie
voix de mathieu wood
yomulyuy version prégravé 2010
toune tirée de compil de musique grecque
voix de stephen buhner
voix de rosemary gladstar
leyla majeri “The Beet”
franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz ” mare nde kolimwa”
voix de susun weed
voix de jim macdonald
sewn leather ” scum”
nautical almanac we want war
voix de susun weed
ducan and laurie “nature soniform a
yomul yuk