katie and kerry feel like this. shot by patrick jeffords

with kt and kerry
kt has been a long time friend of kerry’s.
we relaxed and listened to:

xerox phaser acat 1 – alva noto – xerox vol.2

first aspect of the same thing – durutti column

magnesium – ilkae – light industry

93 till infinity – souls of mischief – 93 till infinity

212 – azaela banks

seamonkey – moderat – moderat

pablo picasso – johnathan richman and the modern lovers – 23 songs

forest gospel – animal collective – hollinndagain

the fish needs a bike – blurt – let there be blurt

looking lapsed – taking trips – each other

smokey taboo – cocorosie – grey oceans

pimeankarkelo – paavoharju

gomul visa um vori – kria brekkan – wildering 7″

koi – morgan greenwood – winter (free bandcamp download)

psycrow – black mold – dr snouth’s hand

wash out/take steps – memory screen – ep

new england – billy bragg – life’s a riot with spy vs spy

tone bone kone – arthur russell – world of echo

torn green velvet eyes – magnetic fields – holiday

warn u – ayshay – warn u ep

turbulent – shirin neshat – click for video

dirty half – david byrne – lead us not into temptation

peek a boo – siouxsie and the banshees – the best of …

crystalfilm – little dragon – ritual union


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