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If You Got Wada

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2012.02.22: James served up a drone sandwich featuring the recorded works of Yoshi Wada… a live mix of several pieces, plus live stream re-insertion delay tricks, featuring:

  • “Singing” and “Bagpipes” from “Lament of the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile”.
  • Title track from “Earth Horns with Electronic Drone”.
  • “Off The Wall 1” and “Die Konsonanten Pfeifen” from “Off The Wall”.
  • Rhys Chatham’s “Two Gongs” (Wada performs on it).

The pieces of course sound great on their own, but I just wanted to hear what happens when layered and mixed together.

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


If You Got Radio on Your Radio

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FEBRUARY 08 2012  – – – LISTEN TO THE SHOW – – – – –

ckut archives all it’s programming – you can listen to any show by clicking on the speaker icon on our programming grid, there is often a little bleed over from the show before. We also have a live stream

Hour the First= Cassette collage from 2010 and the eventual inadvertent airing of a good part of Mili Vanilli’s “Don’t Forget my number ”

– you should listen to Fab Morvan of Mili Vanilli tell his side of the story about the duo’s dubious rise to fame on the Moth Podcast . Eventually i realized what was going over the air and ploughed over it with side 1 of this LP:

And then the challenge began – well i’d been struggling with it for an hour already…

Tuning the short-range fm transmitter to the right frequency and getting it to come out of the radio brought into the studio for this purpose.  I brought a few sound making devices and plugged them into a mixer which was routed into the board as well as into the short-range transmitter – eventually – after much fumbling and static i was able to align the frequencies and make radio through the radio through the radio through the radio – multiplicity of layers like a radio club sandwich – it was preliminary – more to come on this

that show that happened on jan 25

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found this set list buried in my bookbag – enjoy!

click here for the archive

colleen – good morning sunshine – everyone alive wants answers

woodsman – beached

balam acab – see birds (moon)

gremelins – maim my bitch

little dragon – ritual union

a tribe called quest – find a way – anthology

some things just stick in your mind – vashiti bunyan

living in an abandoned fire house with you – magnetic fields

onra – high hopes feat. reggie b

wire – heartbeat – chairs missing

boutique neighbourhoods – actual water

exercising with my demons – makeout videotape

in conspiracy with satan – thomas

the men – if you leave… – leave home

tame impala – it’s not meant to be

cloud nothings – no future/no past

airhead – light meteors

bawan – bohla

panah – sage houses

ryan power – is it happening

ping island/ lightning strike – mark mothersbaugh

karl orff orchestra – gassenhauer

color your life – twin sisrer

sonnymoon – golden age – houstaanlasvegas

sids – baseball geist