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If You Got Ringing Ears, Too

Posted in Improvised sound with tags , on March 28, 2012 by iyge

2012.03.28: James and special guest Janice Kerfoot attempted to create The Big Drone with two circa 1972 Fisher Price Happy Apple chimes apiece and some radio re-insertion delay tricks. We now have carapple tunnel syndrome for our efforts.

Two live improvisations were performed, and the following musical selections were played:

  • “Notre Dame Cathedral Bells” field recording, by Molasses.
  • “Bell Set #1” by Michael Nyman

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


If You Got Pi

Posted in Improvised sound with tags , on March 14, 2012 by iyge

2012.3.14: To celebrate Pi Day, James played a few tracks and movie/tv snippets related to Pi, as well as 2 “experimental” pieces involving the computer-spoken digits of Pi. Some technical difficulties were encountered, so things were a little disorganized.

  • “Pi montage” & “Pi.5” by Will Eizlini
  • “B.P. Perino” by Add (N) to X (not Pi related)
  • “Pi Piece #1 (Women’s Trio)” by James.
  • “Pi” by Kate Bush
  • “Pi Piece #2 (17-digit Men’s Quartet Phasing Attempt)” by James.
  • Found 1/4-inch tape drone

Hear it in the MP3 archives.