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IYGE // MAY 30

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.. in celebration of and solidarity with National Casserole Day… hosted by Caitlin —-> listen in the archives

Tanz der Vampire / The Vampires of Dartmoore

The Garden of Earthly Delight / United States of America

Now Your Time Has Come / Tomorrow

They’re Not Writing Anymore / The Young Sinclairs

Three Rings For Elven Kings / Trader Horne

By The People / Van Dyke Parks

Wim / Sibylle Baier

Passing By / The Beach Boys

Robert Wyatt – Muddy mouse (c)

Luxury Rd / Azalia Snail

Every Night I Die At Miyagis / Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Red Corvette / Brave Radar

Shadow / Grass Widow

I Clean Up Nice / Omma Cobba & The East Side Marijuana Band

Insomnia / Yellow Magic Orchestra

Wild Boys / Jef Barbara

Trance Oedipienne / L’Oeil Nu

Temporal Space I / Jane L. K.

Medicine Girl / Ourself Beside Me

Crystal Healing / Weird War

Nobody Sees Me Like You Do / Ono with Apples In Stereo

Dreamseller / Truck

Firebird / White Noise

Your Motion Says / Arthur Russell

Postcards / The Names

Map Ref. 41N 93W / Wire

June / Unrest

Shake The 8-Ball (Future’s Always Hazy) / Lantern

Cherry’s Blues / Thurston Moore

You and me in Time / Broadcast

Lorelei / Tom Tom Club

Keeping Up / Arthur Russell

Forever Dolphin Love / Connan Mockasin


IYGE // MAY 23

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Markus Lake – Keep Doing It

Broadcast – the–be–colony

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – ELLE AGRÉABLE RENDEZ-VOUS DE CHASSE

Kraftwerk- Franz Schubert

Sonic Boom- Lonely Ave

Cresting – Lobby Crimes

Harmonia- Sonnenschein

Pradada- Resonator

Jane L. Kasowicz – Looking for Jim Sullivan

Nico – Purple Lips

Cosmo V – The Villagers

Azalia Snail – Ginger Ale

Wire – French Film Blurred

Sheer Agony- Flash and the Pans

Brave Radar- A Spike

Grass Widow – Goldilocks Zone

Pylon – Weather Radio

Let’s Active – Room With a View

The Names – Nightshift

The Young Sinclairs – Future Man

Revolving Paint Dream – Flowers in the Sky

Night Control – Frozen Eyes

Arthur Russell- Planted a Thought

Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls – Animal Crazy

Chevalier Avant Garde – YOUNG

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance

Femminielli – Hotel Suite

If You Got Electronic Ears // May 16, 2012

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If You Got Ears fake flyer 20120516

2012.05.16 :  James did two live unrehearsed improvisations using a couple of his electronic sound boxes, namely The Triowaverator and The Spacial Percussionizer.

Also played the following tracks:

  • Freida Abtan: “Orpheus in the underworld”
  • Suzanne Ciani: a tiny excerpt from her early electronics demo reel
  • Ruth White: “Litanies of Satan”
  • Pluramon: “tel. bell”

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


If You Got Ears // May 9

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2012.05.09 – Swan’s sonic disruption of neural pathways edition 10


Ennio Morricone / A Fistful Of Film Music – The Ennio Morricone Anthology / Duck / You Sucker (Main Title) (excerpt)
Daevid Allen / The Death Of Rock And Even More Entrances / Death Of Rock
Amon Düül / Psychedelic Underground / Ein Wunderhubsches Madchen Traumt Von Sandosa
Legion of Green Men / Baqontraq / Slowbaq
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet / Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Plus / Digah’s Stomp, Lenox Avenue Blues, Stompin’ The Bug, Messin’ Around With The Blues
Elfin Saddle / Ringing For The Begin Again / The Procession
Violence & The Sacred / What Is Truth? Volume Two (VA) / Butchered Edit
Deep Space / The Alexia Beach Explorer / Formica Pillow
Crass / Christ – The Album / The Greatest Working Class Ripp-off (out-take)
Corale Durruti / Chants Anarchistes De La Guerre D’Espagne / A Las Barricadas
Renaldo & the Loaf / Songs For Swinging Larvae / Bali Whine
Spectre Folk / Jams For Da Stars / New York Fuzz
Eugene Chadbourne & John Zorn / Sonora (1977-1981) / The Viaduct
Pierre Arvay / Space Adventures: Music from Doctor Who 1963-1971 / Frightened Man
Simply Saucer / Cyborgs Revisited / Illegal Bodies
COUM Transmissions / 23 Drifts To Guestling (VA)/ Stained By Dead Horses
Marcelo Birck / Timbres não mentem jamais / Filme surf
Messer fur Frau Muller / Triangle / Dot & Devil / Sedative Trip
DOA / War on 45 / I’m Right You’re Wrong
Nino Rota / Amarcord / Amarcord
The Clash / Sandinista! / Career Opportunities