iyge // sept 12

Caitlin L. — songs, songs, songs >listen here<

opal/magick power

night control/frozen eyes

family fodder/symbols

marine girls/20,000 leagues

swell maps/cake shop girl

the names/postcards

grass widow/disappearing industries

old and weird/minstrel


neo boys/in disguise



mose allison/7th son

terry riley/music for the gift iv

sun ra/love in outerspace

dr. john/danse kalinda ba doom

l’oeil nu/tance oedipienne

daphne oram/episode metallic

spectrum/(i love you) to the moon and back

revolving paint dream/the judges

mars/11,000 volts

the television personalities/a girl called charity

magazine/sweetheart contract

pauline murray and the invisible girls/the visitor

pylon/weather radio

daphne oram/in a jazz style

the ladybug transistor/the swimmer

the left banke/men are building sand

pink floyd/vegetable man


truck/earth song

love/alone again or


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