Wednesday August 15

Joined in studio by Eric Fillion of the TENZIER imprint
who shared  some lesser heard sounds from vanguards of Québec’s
experimental music scene.

André-Luc Desjardins – CAPAC 7″ –  Manu Militari
Philippe Ménard  – Fylkingen Electronic Music Composition 1975 – Reel -à-Phil

Jean Marie Delavalle – Une Demi heure – Une Demi Heure
Guy Thouin – TNZR exclusive unreleased track – Rien ô Tout Line Aigr

Paul Pedersen – Carrefour: (Musique Electroacoustique) – For Margaret, Motherhood and Mendelssohn
Bernard Gagnon – Musique Electronique – Gwendolyne Descendue (TNZR 052)

Sonde – Sonde En Concert  – Sahabi Z (Music Gallery)

Jason Lescaleet – Due Process – combine xxi (we break more records)


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