Caitlin L. played some music…. écoutez dans les archives

Zacht Automaat / Bags Inside Bags

Tonto’s Expanding Headband / Cybernaut

Ramzi / New World for Live

The Art of Noise / Moments in love

Harmonium / Veterano

Spectrum / Lord I Don’t Know My Name

Julianna Barwick / Never Change

Grass Widow / Spock on MUNI

The Names / Nightshift

Family Fodder / Love Song

Magazine / About the Weather

The Cleaners from Venus / The Artichoke that Love Me

Grass Widow / Response to Photographs

Nico / Genghis Khan

Cleaners from Venus / Night Starvation

Revolving Paint Dream / Flowers in the Sky

Night Control / Frozen Eyes

Neo Boys / Time Keeps Time

Swell Maps / Robot Factory

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls / Animal Crazy

The Haiduks / White Fish (Reprise)

Tom Tom Club / Lorelei

Arthur Russell / Keeping Up

Anika / I go to Sleep

L’Oeuil Nu / Trance Oedipienne

Tanz der Vampire / Tanz der Vampire OST

Tom Tom Club / As Above, So Below


One Response to “IYGE OCT 10”

  1. Au sujet de Present Moment, j’oubliais de te suggérer “Careful what you wish for” (obsédant).

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