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If You Got Sevens (Yeah, Sevens)

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2013.03.13 : James S. played a bunch of tracks with 3 minor themes: 1. Sevens (Yeah, Sevens), 2. Canadian Acoustic Guitar, 3. Richard Youngs Minimalism…

  • Sonic Youth: Stereo Sanctity
  • Annette Peacock: Seven Days
  • Camper Van Beethoven: Seven Languages
  • Else Marie Pade: Syv Cirkler (Seven Circles)
  • Patti Smith: Seven Ways of Going
  • The Soul Seven: Mr. Chicken (alternate take)
  • Drainolith: Sevens/Cuttin’ Squares
  • Bruce Cockburn: Islands In A Black Sky
  • Lenny Breau: Visions
  • Richard Youngs: Only Haligonian
  • Richard Youngs: Advent (Parts I, II, and an excerpt of III)

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


If You Got Ears: Time & Space

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Time and Space flyer

2013.02.27 : James S. played the recording of a radio piece he performed live on CKUT 6 years ago. Plus a few other things…

  • Sonic Youth: The Good & The Bad
  • Moi: Transistor
  • James Schidlowsky: Time & Space (Or: The Inexistence of Infinity), Parts 1 & 2
  • The Normal: T.V.O.D.
  • Scant Intone & Souns: Self Astral Shift

Hear it in the MP3 archives.