Month of October 2013, If You Got Ears’ gonna be hosted by Jane L Kasowicz.
Lots of fun stuff planned. First show features weirdo out-of town labels.

poster by Aliya Kahsay

Conrad Schnitzler – Untitled (A1)
Highway X – xxxxxxx
Hafner – Proven
Crabskull – Keep The Evil Away

// info on Dub Ditch Picnic (Winnipeg) and Prairie Fire Tape (Winnipeg) //

Flesh Coffin – Skulls in Her Eyes
Worker – The Machines Know My Name

////// info on Pedu (Hamilton) ////

Thoughts on Air – Harness
CROSSS – Obsidian Song

///// info on Pleasance (Toronto) /////

New Positions – Dream Warriors/ Speed Wobble
Hobo Cubes – The Rose
Sexy Merlin – Heater

///// info on Inyrdisk (Toronto) //

Video Thrills – Dr. Pepper Party Zone
Wizard Of – Heather/The Swarm
Clinton Machine – Sun Dog
//////// (fire drill oups!) //////
Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night
Neil Young – Speakin’ Out

listen here


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