iyge // sept 12

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Caitlin L. — songs, songs, songs >listen here<

opal/magick power

night control/frozen eyes

family fodder/symbols

marine girls/20,000 leagues

swell maps/cake shop girl

the names/postcards

grass widow/disappearing industries

old and weird/minstrel


neo boys/in disguise



mose allison/7th son

terry riley/music for the gift iv

sun ra/love in outerspace

dr. john/danse kalinda ba doom

l’oeil nu/tance oedipienne

daphne oram/episode metallic

spectrum/(i love you) to the moon and back

revolving paint dream/the judges

mars/11,000 volts

the television personalities/a girl called charity

magazine/sweetheart contract

pauline murray and the invisible girls/the visitor

pylon/weather radio

daphne oram/in a jazz style

the ladybug transistor/the swimmer

the left banke/men are building sand

pink floyd/vegetable man


truck/earth song

love/alone again or


If you got Listening Apparatuses July 18, 2012

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JULY 18th was chosen as World Listening day to coincide with Canadian Soundscape composer  and acoustic ecologist R. Murray Schafer’s birthday.

Environments 9: Pacific Ocean/Dr Hajme Murooka’s Lullaby from the Womb/Environments 6: Dusk in the Okefenokee Swamp

Chris Stickland: Untitled Composition for Field Recordings, Sine Waves, Objects and Flute(Solomiya Moroz) —- Live Performance

—Kevin Crump: Noise Honeymoon: Fieled Recording From Japan – Wintage Records and Tapes

AJ Cornell: untitled composition for Short range FM Transmitters and Radios, Microphone Pendulums, Cymbals, Voice and Arpeggiator. —–Live Performance


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Started off this independence day show with some selections from the PAX recordings compilation Voices in the Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and songs of G.W.’s America

United Satanic Apache Front-Voices in the Wilderness…-America Fuck You
Matt Hannafin -Voices in the Wilderness… -Cold Blood
Diana Emmerson -Voices in the Wilderness… – Guns Don’t Kill People
Cornelius Cardew -Voices in the Wilderness… – Political Composition #1
Albert Ayler – Selections from Albert Ayler: Holy Ghost – Untitled Sermon
Arto Lindsay – Anarchist Republic of Bzzz – Ibn Battuta Cat Ruccola?
Hans Appelquist – Sjunga Slutet Nu – Sjunga Slutet Nu
Pablo St-Chaos – Voices in the Wilderness… -Prayer For the Road Ahead

Laura Warholic– What Comes Before The World – Sunday

Laura Warholic – What Comes Before The World – Georgia O’Queeffe

Fraser/Sereda – Recorded Live at Tubby Dog – 3 (no face records)

Shearing Pinx – Storm Majorities& Magnetic Tremors – Called by the Wrong Name (Dub Ditch Picnic)

Shearing Pinx – Storm Majorities& Magnetic Tremors -Snake Skins &Skull Scars(Dub Ditch Picnic)

Adaptive Reaction – Family Entertainment – Louder Than Tension

Tim Hoover – More Napkins – Side A (Dub Ditch Picnic)

Lantern – Dream Mine – Train Song (Bathetic Records)

Miracle Nutrition With Hearty White Excerpt from April 5 2011 and all new Miracle Nutrition Hour Programmes with your host Hearty White every Tuesday Evening at 7pm on WFMU – check their Archives

Moniek Darge – Sounds of Sacred Bones – Turkish Square (Logos Foundation)

Max Roach – It’s Time – It’s Time (Impulse)                                                                                                                                                         Flandrew Fleisenberg – Flunk n’ Ice – Solo With Ice                                                                                                                                                    Jean Michel Jarre – Equinoxe – Equinoxe 7

If You Got Ears June 13, 2012

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“It’s like the deconstruction of the song, y’know”


Concept 9 – En Dansant avec Vigneault

Montreal-based percussionist Pierre Béluse founded Concept Neuf in 1978, the group focused on percussion arrangements of popular music.  As the title suggests this track takes its cues from Québecois legend Gilles Vigneault.

Justin Beiber – U Smile (shamantis rmx – slowed 800%)

Over the last few years the Stratford Ontario born Bieber has skyrocketed to the upper echelons of the music business with his light R&B inflected pop music. Digitally Slowed down what was once highly accessible pop becomes ruminative post-rock.

Brian Joseph Davis – All You Get From Love is 22 Love Songs

Brian Joseph Davis is a Brooklyn-based artist. His work in sound art has featured cacophonous combinations of hit singles and parodistic combinations of film tag-lines. 22 Love Songs is just what it sounds like.

Grant Green – Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child

Grant Green was one of the great jazz guitarists. He appears on this recording accompanied by Ben Dixon on drums and Big John Patton on organ, an unconventional trio.  Despite the propensity for jazz organ to bring out the muzakality of jazz, this rendition of Motherless Child remains somber.

Charles Gayle – Amazing Grace/ Go Down Moses / Motherless Child

This is a strangely (for Gayle) restrained free-jazz medley from 1997’s Delivered. Once again the sad beauty of Motherless Child shines through and through.

Halim El-Dabh – the wire recorder piece

Recorded in 1944 this is an excerpt from the piece “Expression of Zaar” an attempt by the composer to capture the true sound of the Egyptian spirit-summoning Zaar ritual.  The title alludes to the fact that it was recorded using a wire-recorder the sounds were than manipulated.

Terry Riley – You’re Nogood

A live performance, recorded in 1968, combining Moogs and tape reels of Harvey Averne’s “You’re NoGood”.  Riley chops and screws before anyone had even thought to apply those terms to music.

Thin Gaze – Never Change / Black Collar / Strathcona@Nite / Geisty / medley

Vancouver-based musician Thin Gaze offered up some of his crooked re-contextualized West Coast Croon-n-B live in-studio

The Offset: Spectacles – Back in the Hole

Part of the burgeoning DIY “indie” culture movement in China.  The Offset: Spectacles insist on performing Cantonese No-Wave in Shanghai. 

Happiness is… – Pointy Shoes

Happiness is… is a solo project from Kingston artist and SouB? Ringleader MichaelDavidge. His performances and audio interventions have involved everything from re-interpretations of cinematic scores, to a new arrangement of an Erik Satie piece. As Happiness is… he combines tape loops and skronk saxophone to hallucinatory


Caymans – How to print money

A much-loved trio out of Ottawa, they play warped rock and roll. 


If You Can Hear June06 2012

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This week on ears featured intermittent frequency tests probing the frequency response of the FM spectrum, and simply for the sake of sine tones in the afternoon. Check out the tone generatior that ckut had stashed in the cave on the second floor:


Freedom Earth Satellite – Live set A Picturesque Venus Transit / Sleepover Drone Show II

Kraftwerk – Electric Cafe – The Telephone Call

Big Band Drone Band – Live set A Picturesque Venus Transit / Sleepover Drone Show II

Oscillator Tests –

The Nul Set – Getting The red mothgirl home safely from the Olympic Stadium – Steph’s – Self Released

Mark Tucker – In the Sack – Sally – Self Released

Siamese Spectre – The Addict Affair – Silent Sin – Self released

Yamantaka Sonic Titan – YT//ST – A Star over Pure land – psychic handshake

Ought – New Calm – New Calm Part 1 – self released

S* – 1981/1999 split tape – io:sound

IYGE // MAY 30

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.. in celebration of and solidarity with National Casserole Day… hosted by Caitlin —-> listen in the archives

Tanz der Vampire / The Vampires of Dartmoore

The Garden of Earthly Delight / United States of America

Now Your Time Has Come / Tomorrow

They’re Not Writing Anymore / The Young Sinclairs

Three Rings For Elven Kings / Trader Horne

By The People / Van Dyke Parks

Wim / Sibylle Baier

Passing By / The Beach Boys

Robert Wyatt – Muddy mouse (c)

Luxury Rd / Azalia Snail

Every Night I Die At Miyagis / Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Red Corvette / Brave Radar

Shadow / Grass Widow

I Clean Up Nice / Omma Cobba & The East Side Marijuana Band

Insomnia / Yellow Magic Orchestra

Wild Boys / Jef Barbara

Trance Oedipienne / L’Oeil Nu

Temporal Space I / Jane L. K.

Medicine Girl / Ourself Beside Me

Crystal Healing / Weird War

Nobody Sees Me Like You Do / Ono with Apples In Stereo

Dreamseller / Truck

Firebird / White Noise

Your Motion Says / Arthur Russell

Postcards / The Names

Map Ref. 41N 93W / Wire

June / Unrest

Shake The 8-Ball (Future’s Always Hazy) / Lantern

Cherry’s Blues / Thurston Moore

You and me in Time / Broadcast

Lorelei / Tom Tom Club

Keeping Up / Arthur Russell

Forever Dolphin Love / Connan Mockasin

IYGE // MAY 23

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Markus Lake – Keep Doing It

Broadcast – the–be–colony

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – ELLE AGRÉABLE RENDEZ-VOUS DE CHASSE

Kraftwerk- Franz Schubert

Sonic Boom- Lonely Ave

Cresting – Lobby Crimes

Harmonia- Sonnenschein

Pradada- Resonator

Jane L. Kasowicz – Looking for Jim Sullivan

Nico – Purple Lips

Cosmo V – The Villagers

Azalia Snail – Ginger Ale

Wire – French Film Blurred

Sheer Agony- Flash and the Pans

Brave Radar- A Spike

Grass Widow – Goldilocks Zone

Pylon – Weather Radio

Let’s Active – Room With a View

The Names – Nightshift

The Young Sinclairs – Future Man

Revolving Paint Dream – Flowers in the Sky

Night Control – Frozen Eyes

Arthur Russell- Planted a Thought

Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls – Animal Crazy

Chevalier Avant Garde – YOUNG

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance

Femminielli – Hotel Suite