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If You Got Ringing Ears, Too

Posted in Improvised sound with tags , on March 28, 2012 by iyge

2012.03.28: James and special guest Janice Kerfoot attempted to create The Big Drone with two circa 1972 Fisher Price Happy Apple chimes apiece and some radio re-insertion delay tricks. We now have carapple tunnel syndrome for our efforts.

Two live improvisations were performed, and the following musical selections were played:

  • “Notre Dame Cathedral Bells” field recording, by Molasses.
  • “Bell Set #1” by Michael Nyman

Hear it in the MP3 archives.


If You Got Pi

Posted in Improvised sound with tags , on March 14, 2012 by iyge

2012.3.14: To celebrate Pi Day, James played a few tracks and movie/tv snippets related to Pi, as well as 2 “experimental” pieces involving the computer-spoken digits of Pi. Some technical difficulties were encountered, so things were a little disorganized.

  • “Pi montage” & “Pi.5” by Will Eizlini
  • “B.P. Perino” by Add (N) to X (not Pi related)
  • “Pi Piece #1 (Women’s Trio)” by James.
  • “Pi” by Kate Bush
  • “Pi Piece #2 (17-digit Men’s Quartet Phasing Attempt)” by James.
  • Found 1/4-inch tape drone

Hear it in the MP3 archives.

If You Got Wada

Posted in Improvised sound with tags on February 22, 2012 by iyge

2012.02.22: James served up a drone sandwich featuring the recorded works of Yoshi Wada… a live mix of several pieces, plus live stream re-insertion delay tricks, featuring:

  • “Singing” and “Bagpipes” from “Lament of the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile”.
  • Title track from “Earth Horns with Electronic Drone”.
  • “Off The Wall 1” and “Die Konsonanten Pfeifen” from “Off The Wall”.
  • Rhys Chatham’s “Two Gongs” (Wada performs on it).

The pieces of course sound great on their own, but I just wanted to hear what happens when layered and mixed together.

Hear it in the MP3 archives.

If You Got Ringing Ears

Posted in Improvised sound with tags , , on January 11, 2012 by iyge

2012.01.11 : The first hour, James played live bells and chimes (and a lamp) with live stream re-insertion delay tricks. The second hour, same tricks, but using the vinyl LP from disc 2 of the Syntonic Research series “environments: new concepts in stereo sound”, the “Tintinnabulation” side, changing speeds.

Also played several tracks in the intro, interim and outro by Charlemagne Palestine from the “Music From Big Ears” CD wherein he played carillon.

Hear it in the MP3 archives.